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Our current release wines are:
Buckshot Vineyard Heathcote
Buckshot Vineyard Heathcote
Buckshot Vineyard Square Peg
Buckshot Vineyard Square Peg
Buckshot Vineyard  Heathcote Shiraz 2017
2017 was a restless summer with unusually warm nights and sun drenched days. These conditions produced a juicy wine with plush, rich fruit and a superb finish. 
An excellent Shiraz. 


Aromatic, plush, rich in blueberries, plums, chocolate and spice. Soft silky long finish, with fantastic cellaring potential.        14.0% alc/vol.
"The Square Peg" 2017 Zinfandel.
 Zinfandel is all about fabulous flavour and balance. A challenge to grow, it enjoys Heathcote's dry climate and cool nights - hence our " Square Peg"  - planted in a region dominated by Shiraz.
A cracking year for Zinfandel, 
Warm, dry and low yielding.

A sweet fruit bouquet leads into a delicious, intense palate with red berries,                                                                                                 chocolate, fruit cake, sweet mint and some                                                                                               warm Asian spice notes.  14.5% alc/vol
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